Acoustic solutions for smart campuses

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Jiangsu Zhongxie intelligent technologies co .,ltd. was founded in 2001,which is dev-oted to acoustic technologies researching,develop-ment and manufacture.

And it is also national new high technology enterprise of China.

The company has been deeply cultivating the acoustics industry for nearly 20 years,and has achieved numerous acoustic engineering ach-ievements.

Such as Network audio transmission, audio c-ontrol platform architecture, parallel audio tr-ansmission assurance.

Dynamic follow-up microphone noise redu-ction algorithm, notch algorithm, carrier ult-rasonic sound transmission, crossplatf-orm dig-ital tuning,etc.

The company has three series of products: IoT broadcasting system, adaptive digital confe-rence system, and high-sensitivity digital so-und reinforcement system. 

It also provides a variety of professional acou-stic solutions for the medical, communica-tions, transportation, and financial industries.

The company is an advanced unit of national intellectual property work and owns many pa-tents. 

The company has obtained a series of dome-stic and international authoritative qualifica-tion certificates, and has published many pr-ofessional industry papers and technical arti-cles in several professional journals. 

The company is actively participating in the formulation of a number of national and ind-ustry standards to guide the development of the industry through practical actions,and ta-king practical actions to lead the industry.

As we all know, sound is one of the most fun-damental ways for people to perceive the wor-ld and communicate with each other. 

With the development of the times, sound plays an increasingly important role in the fie-lds of voice control, artificial intelligence, and IoTs. 

Especially in the education industry, voice pl-ays an increasingly important role. In addi-tion to traditional classroom sound reinforcement.

News notifications, listening exams and tests, and news broadcasts, the extension of the co-ncept of broadcasting is becoming more and more in the process of education and tea-ching. 

Production and living, and work and study, the output of sounds in application scenarios such as collective teaching, group meetings, theatr-ical performances.

And sports games is achieved through “broad-casting”. 

Therefore, the broadcast system must be in-novated from the architectural design, apply new standards that meet the development trend of the times, and must have the chara-cteristics of the IoT and artificial intelligence features. 

Not only does it meet the prerequisites for implementing a smart campus, but it also has the ability to be scalable and  able to access s-mart cities. 

Only in this way can we be able to remain d-ynamic and lead the industry.

As a company specializing in acoustic solu-tions for the education industry, the company provides a series of products such as the IoT broadcast system, digital conference system, and hall sound reinforcement system. 

All devices support multiple networks, mul-tiple systems, and multiple types of devices. 

All devices are addressable, feedbackable, c-onfigurable, controllable, and manageable, cr-eating ubiquitous connectivity and a smart en-vironment.

Different from traditional products, the com-pany's equipment is flexible, without manual manual operation, can be accurately and pre-cisely adjusted through the procedures and al-gorithms.

While supporting a cloud multiend archit-ecture, able to achieve intelligent manage-ment, and have scalable ability to set up a smart campus and access to a smart city is in line with the trend of the times.

The company has mastered and possesses core technologies, has obvious development featu-res, and strengthens innovation and creation in the acoustics field.

Including:acoustics,digital audio,signal proce-ssing,sound engineering, acoustics architec-tural,acoustics engineering,acoustics quantu-m, ultrasonics, photoacoustics, environme-ntal acoustics, etc. 

To provide professional acoustic solutions for all industries including education.At the same time,actively improve production methods and processes and open the new markets.

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